Food is my Friend 2.0

It’s definitely time to freshen up my food blog. I’ve tried plenty of new restaurants over the past three months and it’s been tough trying to narrow down my favorites. This is a wide range of cuisines which I’m quite proud of considering I grew up on a strictly Irish diet. Le Coq Rico -... Continue Reading →

Festive Feels: December in NYC

Without a doubt, New York City is the most festive destination for the holidays. The Rockefeller tree, ice-skating in Central Park and every tourist’s favorite, the shopping. Just walking down 5th Ave, in and out of stores with the lights and the music already has me in the Christmas spirit and it’s not even December... Continue Reading →

Panic Moments in Your Mid-20s

I don’t care what anyone says, the quarter-life crisis is a thing. It’s completely normal to freak out about.. well, every aspect of your ‘young professional’ life. I hate that phrase, it basically means fresh meat. It’s the unknown, always second guessing your recent career moves, city of residence, did we have one tequila shot... Continue Reading →

My Top Four US Trips to Date

I’ve been to a lot of different cities and states during the year and also when I lived in California, but some trips really stood out and have to be considered as a destination in any young explorer’s travel plans. Miami “I think I’d be a really good full time partier, where do I apply?”... Continue Reading →

Go Away Homesickness

Considering how much of a home bird I was before college, I’m quite proud of how long I’ve stayed here without a trip home to Ireland. I had every opportunity to go home, but I kept reminding myself of all the trips I had planned. Booking ten days off to go home is ten days... Continue Reading →

Brunch Done Right

Going to brunch at the weekend is as sacred as a Catholic going to Sunday mass. It’s one of my favorite things to do here because there’s countless restaurants that are raved about, you never run out of new spots to try. Every neighborhood has everything from bottomless brunch, to comfort food to quirky all-day... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on The US Graduate Visa

When you’re in college you have a goal and a purpose, you’re safe in a bubble where your daily routine is set. Once you graduate, the panic starts because this is when real life choices are going to dictate your future. You’re nearing the quarter-life crisis. Yes, it’s a thing (my parents are definitely reading... Continue Reading →

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