Mixed Emotions

I knew the first two weeks would be hectic but DA-UM.. I haven’t stopped since I got here. I’ve finally moved into my sublet after running around for the past two weeks getting used to the city (took the wrong subway home one night and ended up somewhere that would literally make you call 911 to ask them to pick you up.. Not that they actually do that) getting my bank account sorted, getting my job sorted, accommodation, EVERYTHING!

I’m not gonna lie, it’s tough here and you have to always look like you know what you’re doing, even when you’ve no idea where you are. I’ve been trying to look less “Hey there, I’m new here, what train do I take to Times Square?”. Those who know me, know that I’m a ditz and always have my head in the clouds.. That makes me an easy target to the WHERE YOUR BOYFRIEND AT type. I’ve ordered this pepper spray that when you spray, it makes a noise so loud that people six blocks away think it’s a rave. All times of the day you’ll come across people on the subway or on the streets that will try and approach you for something and the best advice everyone is giving me is to ignore them and keep walking, fast.

Of course I’m homesick and I have a constant fear that I’ll miss something at home. Then I remember, I’m in NYC and I’ve been dreaming of being here since I was 16. I just have to toughen up and keep myself busy. It’s weird, it doesn’t feel like I’m in New York. Probably because I’ve just been around the tourist spots in the city or else the suburbs. I can’t wait to do NY things and go to the bars I’ve seen in all the TV shows I love. My food game is so weak right now but it’s my ultimate goal to find the best places to get food, coffee, sweet things and drinks throughout the year. Until I get settled, I have to focus on finding my apartment and having a steady bank balance.

I haven’t seen ANYTHING yet, not Central Park, not Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty or been to The Black Tap (follow them on Instagram.. it’s like all of my dreams come true at once). What I have seen, is Times Square which is exactly like Temple Bar. It’s purpose is for the tourists and New Yorkers avoid it like the plague. It’s beautiful at night time but I understand why people stay away. Just trying to walk through takes a day and a half with all of the crowds and people dressed up as cartoon characters standing in your way. No fake Elsa, I don’t want to pay you for a picture, I look like her more than you do.

There are so many different areas in Manhattan to explore and each neighborhood has it’s own vibe. The West Village and Lower East Side is where everyone seems to hang out and I hear there’s a lot of quirky restaurants and cafes I’m eager to try. Where I’m going to live is another difficult decision I have to make because everyday, I find another cool new spot far away from the last. I know where most of the Irish live but I didn’t come half way across the world to have home on my doorstep. So, now I have it narrowed down to Williamsburg, Astoria or the Upper West Side- I’ll get there.

For now, Im going to enjoy the fact that I finally have a room, an amazing roommate and an internship which is so sweet because that’s the trickiest part, competing with the thousands of media grads living in this city.

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