For The Sweet Toothed..

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my addiction to sugar. I wanted to do a piece on sweets for so long, but I knew I just had to try so many stores and restaurants first. If you’re any bit as sweet toothed as me (which is probably 70% of the world’s population), you’ll be spoiled for choice in New York City. It’s the candy capital of the world, some might say. From cakes, to milkshakes, to chocolatiers, every store is trying to have one up on the other in terms of ‘out there’- and we’re not complaining.

I will NEVER be finished this blog entry and I’ll be updating it as I go, I have so much more places in mind I have to check out so there’s much more to come. But for now..

Black Tap

I came across the Black Tap on Instagram a couple of years ago and had it on my NYC bucket list since day one. I kept putting it off because the line to get seated is usually 40 minutes long and no thank you. Eventually I made it after hmmm nine months. What I love most is that it’s not just a milkshake, there’s always something else thrown in there. Their ‘Crazy Shakes’ come with a cookie, or a popsicle, a brownie, whatever the theme of the shake is. The best kind of desserts are the messiest, so be prepared. It’s definitely a must-try in terms of sweet things in the city but if you’re not a huge fan of cream, you might not enjoy it. All of the filling on top is just cream which is a little too heavy for me. You can find them in Soho, Meatpacking and Midtown.


Buns Bar

I came across Buns Bar also on Instagram one day and thought WOW- these guys put Black Tap to shame. Their milkshakes look incredible and are truly a work of heart. Even the glass itself has a layer of icing and decorated with cereal treats, jellies and chocolate. Don’t accept the servers challenge, you won’t finish it (but if you do, hats off to you). They’re located in Chelsea, no excuse not to drop in!

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 2.26.19 PM


How do I explain this concept? It’s a waffle in a paper cone with ice-cream and toppings. Simple, right? Wrong. There’s so many ice-cream flavors and toppings choices, you freak out and create an overloaded mountain of mess and it’s fantastic. It’s actually a really nice chill-out zone too, potentially my new happy place. They also have this cute wall perfect for Instagrammers, JS. You’ll find them in the Lower East Side or Brookyln.


Spot Dessert Bar

I’m sure everyone has heard of Spot Dessert Bar by now but if you haven’t, just check out their Instagram @spotdessertbar it will blow your mind. Their signature dessert is The Harvest which looks exactly like a plant pot, but it’s a cheesecake. Not only is it presented well, I can tell you it tastes incredible too. It’s loaded with berries, meringue and comes with rose tea to water your plant, so cute! They have a good selection of desserts and after your tenth time there, you get one free so all the more reason to satisfy those sugar cravings. Right now, they’re trying out some new desserts for next season and I’m TOO excited.

The Harvest


This is an unusual concept but they serve rolled ice-cream, a Thai-inspired way of serving ice-cream. They pour -I don’t know, liquid ice-cream?- onto this cold plate and mix in whatever you decide (I chose Monkey Business so banana and Nutella), chop it all up together, spread it out on the plate and then use a spatchella to roll the ice-cream. It’s just $7 a cup and you can chose whatever toppings you want. SO delicious.


Momofuku Milk Bar

Do you know that milk left over after you’ve finished your sugar-filled cereal that you’ll happily slurp because it’s just the best part? Now imagine that as an ice-cream flavour, need I say more? They have plenty of other treat options but this is their signature dessert. The best part is, the branch is expanding so you don’t have to go to far to get yours.


To be continued..

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