Hi!!! I’m Rachel, an Irish Leprechaun turned social media manager. I moved to NYC from Ireland in September 2016 and spent my time traveling, eating, shopping and making new friends along the way. I most enjoy writing about life in NYC, my travels, make-up and food, always food! Now, I’m based in London and discovering a new city all over again.

I came up with the name Tales of a Fairy because I wanted my blog to have a name that reflected my personality. I tossed around many names incorporating Rachel and nothing felt right (and NOTHING rhymes with Rachel). A friend started calling me Tinkerbell and I laughed because it suited me so well. I’ve always been somewhat of a ditz, so it’s only fitting. I’m also obsessed with fairytales and everything Disney, so I guess that ties into it. It’s perfect!

I started my blog on my flight from London to JFK so that I could start at day one in NYC. It took me quite a while to get settled in this hectic but incredible city but I eventually decided to take it online in June 2017. I want to document my adventures and I plan to have many!

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