Five MUSTS as a Thai Food Lover in Manhattan

I’ve grown incredibly fond of Thai food in recent years, especially because being Irish, you weren't exposed to other cuisines growing up (with the exception of Chinese food and Italian every now and then). Living in NYC with every type of food at your doorstep, my appreciation for Thai food certainly hasn’t wained. Eating out... Continue Reading →

Fall From Grace

I haven't been able to write anything since my last diary entry. It's because I had nothing positive to say and to be honest, it's not going 100% the way I need it to go at this point. Before I left, everyone was in awe of my big move and excited for what was to... Continue Reading →

Mixed Emotions

I knew the first two weeks would be hectic but DA-UM.. I haven't stopped since I got here. I've finally moved into my sublet after running around for the past two weeks getting used to the city (took the wrong subway home one night and ended up somewhere that would literally make you call 911... Continue Reading →

Jet-set and Jittery

I'm unusually calm. I thought there would be tears, anxiety, the fear of regret, but the truth is I'm not feeling anything right now on my third-full Virgin Atlantic flight (extra room is sweeeeet). Moving to NYC has been a part of my plans for as long as I can remember but I always imagined... Continue Reading →

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